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Lucchesia: Cycling Tour in Tuscany



This tour is about exploring the best of Lucca - from the riding to the local culture via its architecture, food, and wines. We cover vast territory from rolling hills to the rock-faced Apuan Alps. It’s a week to set on your horizons!

Small consistent efforts are key here. Resurrecting your abandoned bike from the basement a week prior surely will put you into a world of hurt. But fear not, my team and I are here to support you shine at your best.

Put your phone on airplane mode and let us cover the logistics. We take your cycling to heart and so should you!


  • high-end, modern Tuscan villa with private en-suite rooms
  • detailed itinerary & packing list
  • all group meals and drinks (except excess alcohol)
  • riding food
  • support vehicle
  • airport transfers from Pisa airport
  • two 30 minute sports massages
  • pro bike mechanic
  • laundry


  • you believe there’s more to life than grinding gears, but grinding gears is still fun
  • aperitivo, antipasto, primo piatto, secondo piatto, contorno, dolce, & digestivo in one sitting doesn't intimidate you
  • your bike isn't caked with dust
  • you agree a little etiquette can go a long way


  • tap into world class-coaching and cycling tips
  • play hard so you can work even harder
  • fuel the flame of creativity and spark new ideas


May 25 - June 1, 2019 (full)


Lucca, Italy


There are no chance encounters, beauty's in the details, and we expand through our experiences.


577km total with 10,050m climbing
Arrival Day
39km, 450m

Look to arrive in the morning at Pisa airport where you'll be picked up. A quick lunch before we head out for a leg-opener and preview of the days to come.

1ᵒ Tappa, Barga via Apuan Mountains
96km, 2200m

We start the day with a steady 15km climb followed by four 3-5km climbs: glorious rock-faced mountains and the hill-top town, Barga being our destinations. It's one not to miss.

2ᵒ Tappa, Hills of Lucca
85km, 1400

Absolute must-see's, Pieve Santo Stefano, Arsina, Aquilea and more are roads that will bring your trip to the highest local standards. Diversity is what separates Lucca from the rest of Tuscany, here you'll see why.

3ᵒ Tappa, Montecarlo
75km, 900m

No visit to Lucca is complete without Montecarlo. It's the perfect place to get coffee and/or get lunch. I say we get lunch.

4ᵒ Tappa, Monte Serra
85km, 1300m

The official training climb for pro's and dedicated amateurs alike. It can be summited three ways; we'll take the hardest from Pieve di Compito and descent through Calci. If you're feeling ambitious, here's where to let 'er rip.

5ᵒ Tappa, Passo Sella
67km, 1300m

The main attraction today is the 7.7km Passo Sella, a local favorite. The first half of the ride is almost entirely climbing, open to the sun, while the second half is descending in the shade. Let's call it the yin and the yang.

6ᵒ Tappa, Montecatini Alto
130km, 2500m

Today we enter the Pistoiese mountains, also known as young Nibali's training grounds. Several solid 6-7km climbs make up 2500m of today's climbing. Once you reach Montecatini Alto, I foresee a feeling of immense satisfaction.

Departure Day
Airport drop-offs are scheduled for the morning even if I hope you won't want to leave. If you have other travel plans, please let us know - we're here to help.

n.b. distances and elevation are subject to minor changes




Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to be waiting for people or will they be waiting for me?
If you’re lightyears ahead, we applaud you for your stamina but there’s going to be a point where you’ll need to touch foot to pavement. Your newest comrades will miss your presence!

We may do as slinkys do: stretch out and re-form in spectacular fashion or split the group. Nobody’s to be stifled for being the slowest or the fastest. With two guides on the road and one in a follow vehicle our goal is to keep your wheels turning as much as possible.

I rarely ride this many kilometres in a week!
Good news to you: now you’ll have the time! If too much chamois time is dampening your spirits, my team and I have a few tricks up our sleeves. We’ll find you an early escape to pool side lounging if that’s what your heart desires.

What’s your cancellation policy?
For whatever reason, you can't come, cancel 60 days before the start of the trip for a refund minus a €250 administration fee, no questions asked. Or fully transfer your spot to a friend.

Which airport do I fly into?
Pisa airport is just 20km from Lucca where we'll pick you up. It's easily accessed from most large connecting airports but if you absolutely can’t fly to Pisa, Florence is 50 minutes away. In dire need you could rack up a taxi bill from Bologna.
Where are we staying?
Home base for the week is a modernly renovated, Tuscan villa on a large estate property with beautiful gardens and olive trees. It's 10 km from the centre of Lucca, has a pool and plenty of space to stretch out. All rooms are lockable with en-suite bathrooms.

Should I bring my bike?
It's entirely up to you whether you bring your bike, we'll build it, maintain it, and box it while you're here. Otherwise, we have two types of bike rentals: ultegra mechanical and di2/eTap electronic shifting.

Am I going to be the only woman on this trip?
No! I, Alison, will be in your fine company. If you feel like Giro Donne isn’t challenging enough, you are more than welcome on this trip! And we won’t only talk about monster trucks and changing motor oil because that’s just boring.

Not really sure group tours are my thing, I'm thinking of planning something with my friends.

A common goal saves you from pulling your hair out when Billy wants to ride easy, Bob feels like sleeping in, and Betty needs to ride in Zone 3 with no zeroes. Who wants to babysit on their vacation? The mission of this trip is to ride the best roads, branch out from the usual suspects, and eat like champions.

Your Investment

Double Occupancy: €2,999 ~ Single Supplement: €299 ~ Deposit: €750

Bike rental, flights, and travel insurance are not included. Should your plans unexpectedly change, cancel for a refund 60 days before the start of your trip minus a €250 administration fee.