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So many roads to ride and so many places to go! Whatever your goal is, consider me your training partner or tour guide. Describe what you're after, and I'll lead the way. My two wheels have rolled over almost every paved surface in a 100km radius of Lucca's ancient walls.

Want epic rides? 18km climbs are in the vicinity, count on my local knowledge to take you there. Or maybe you're keen on the seaside, rolling hills and panoramic views with a 10/10 cappuccino? I'm in. Designing your perfect ride is a badge on my top-guiding sash.

One of my specialties is point-to-point daily explorations, but these are not for the faint of heart; you must come tapered and you must come trained. You'll cover vast territory and get a first-class pass to the Trenitalia bicycle caboose!

  • 1-2 people is €79 per half-day and €139 per full-day

  • 3 people is €119 per half-day and €209 per full-day

  • 4-5 people is €159 per half-day and €279 per full-day

Guided rides are fully non-refundable, but in the unlikely case myself or my team cannot carry out your ride, you'll receive a full refund.



It was a perfect day.

Last spring, I had a chance to join Alison in Lucca for a few rides. I'd never been to Florence, so she planned a day-long trip that included wonderful roads, beautiful countryside and a few challenging hills to ensure we earned our arrival. Approaching Florence by bike and seeing it all laid out below us as we came off the surrounding hills was incredible. I'm grateful to Alison for designing an adventure for me to connect to a new area.

- Jared Spier, Winnipeg, Canada

Alex_Emily Review Photo.png

Cycling in Toscana is something that every cyclist dreams of.

I recently organized a trip there for my daughter and me, and my biggest issue was safety and would Emily be able to handle it. Hooking up with Alison was the best thing I could’ve done. Is Alison a guide or a coach, hard to say- I honestly think we got 2 for 1! Every day Alison showed up with rides that were both safe and suitable for a 15-year-old girl, whom upon her return decided to join a local cycling team.

For me, born in Italy and brought to North America before I could see the beauty of Italy, riding with Alison, was the best sightseeing tour ever. My biggest regret I only stayed a week, but a week spent with a wonderful person that shared her passion for cycling with us.

- Alex Pagnotta, Montreal, Canada

Andriy Review Photo.png

I practically got a training camp and a guided tour!

I strategically positioned to spend my family summer holiday around Lucca before my first ever Ironman 70.3 bringing a great chance to strengthen my climbing skills. Four days riding 1200-1800m of daily elevation were an excellent challenge for my body and mind. But I got one crucial thing: confidence that I'm able to make my most important climb this season.

I would also like to highlight how seriously Alison took my requirements. She asked to share my Ironman course, then crafted our training routes accordingly. I was very impressed on our first day to see the route which almost completely repeated the profile of my future race. Last but not least, Alison knows the best gelato shop in the region. I took a 15-minute detour to show that place to my friends and family. It was simply delicious!

- Andriy Derevyanko, Kyiv, Ukraine

Chet Review Photo.png

Riding with Alison is a gift.

She is a pro who can ride you into the pavement if you prefer. She is a friend who is comfortable to ride tempo beside you and talk about Joseph Campbell and the meaning of it all. We rode together for only two days. I know Lucca like a good friend - Alison too.

- Chet Scott, Ohio, USA