They say a lifetime isn't enough to fully discover cycling in Italy, but in this week, I'm sure it'll be enough for you to fall in love with a small portion of it. Unlike other areas of Tuscany, here you'll ride through cypress lined hills and also up into the rock-faced Apuan and Apennine Alps.


Giro Donne: Exclusively for Women

Experience the best of cycling in Lucca with a small group of women. More than just cycling, Giro Donne is about an Italian experience curated by locals and transmitted through love. Let us take care of you and show you the magic of Lucca.



Don't just come to Italy, get to know Italy. Experience Tuscany with your family, friends or colleagues through the lens of a local. Let us take you through our Italian network without the time and energy it takes to curate a favourites list. My team and I will be there to support and inspire you every step of the way.