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They say a lifetime isn't enough to fully discover Italy, but in this week, I'm sure it'll be enough for you to fall in love with a small portion of it. Unlike other areas of Tuscany, here you'll ride over the hills and also up into the mountains.

from €2,999

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Giro Donne

This trip is much more than just riding, after all, so many things to do in Italy! QT is the name of the game! Yes, quality time in copious amounts. Look forward to picturesque riding, authentic Tuscan food, and mixing & mingling with locals. Why not even throw a pizza party to celebrate? And vino, can't forget the vino!

from €2,999



Don't just come to Italy, get to know Italy. Experience Tuscany with your family, friends or colleagues through the lens of a local. Let me take you through my Italian network without the time and energy it takes to curate a favourites list. My team and I will be there to support and inspire you every step of the way.

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