They say a lifetime isn't enough to fully discover cycling in Italy, but in this week, I'm sure it'll be enough for you to fall in love with a small portion of it. Unlike other areas of Tuscany, here you'll ride through cypress lined hills and also up into the rock-faced Apuan and Apennine Alps.


Giro Donne: Exclusively for Women

Experience the best of cycling in Lucca with a small group of women. More than just cycling, Giro Donne is about an Italian experience curated by locals and transmitted through love. Let us take care of you and show you the magic of Lucca.



Don't just come to Italy, get to know Italy. Experience Tuscany with your family, friends or colleagues through the lens of a local. Let us take you through our Italian network without the time and energy it takes to curate a favourites list. My team and I will be there to support and inspire you every step of the way.



Where could I soak up the sun as I sit in a piazza for an espresso and also challenge myself on mountain climbs with beautiful ocean vista descents?

I didn't expect to find an ex-national champion to ride with who'd tow me along at 40km/h one minute and the next ride side by side talking about Lucchese lifestyle, setting up a business, sports psychology and life as a pro-rider. Alison and her team member, Enzo took care of all the organization and created a memorable experience: a quality rental bike, exciting and challenging routes, obligatory espresso stops and great company! They took great trouble to find out what kinds of rides I wanted to do with routes away from traffic including climbing challenges of Monte Serra and Pizzorne. Enzo's bike skills are matched by his love of photography, and as a bonus, I got to practice my Italian with him. Although a couple of words give a clue to Alison's Canadian heritage, she's certainly greeted and treated like a local! Ci rivediamo presto!

- Simon Hunt, United Kingdom



Riding with Alison is a gift.

She is a pro who can ride you into the pavement if you prefer. She is a friend who is comfortable to ride tempo beside you and talk about Joseph Campbell and the meaning of it all. We rode together for only two days. I know Lucca like a good friend - Alison too.

- Chet Scott, Ohio, USA