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Bike Rental Ultegra


Mechanical ultegra rental bikes are from a selection of second-tier trade-in bikes such as Specialized, Trek, BMC or similar. Rentals are built up with compact rings (50/34) and 11/32 cassette.

Contact us for booking group rentals. We'll send you a spreadsheet to collect measurements.

Your bike rental comes with a water bottle, a co2 repair kit, pedals and a floor pump (for rentals over three days). Helmets are also available upon request.

Note: bike rental details are collected via the Add to Bag form.

di2/eTap €60/day €225 €270 €315 €360
Mechanical Ultegra €40/day €150 €180 €210 €240

NB Bike rentals are not insured, meaning take every precaution that the bike is not stolen or damaged.

Too many bikes to pick-up or don’t have the time? We'll do it for you. The following prices reflect the time needed to reach villas and vacation homes often located in remote areas:

  • inside Lucca’s wall, or within 10 km are €30

  • within 30 km of Lucca’s wall are €50

  • within 50 km of Lucca’s wall are €70

Stuff happens and plans change. If you need to cancel you'll receive a refund less a 20% deposit up to 48 hours before your booking.

Looking to book for more than seven days or have other questions? Contact us here.

Please hold off payment until your trip is 100% confirmed. If you're interested in renting from us, please contact me at [email protected] with your order (size & dates).


Bike Rental Ultegra

We prefer providing pedals. For specific models, please bring them and allow us to mount them for you.
If you need one, it's included with your rental.
Seat height (center of BB to top of saddle) and reach (front of saddle to center of bars).
We need a rough estimate so we can have them ready. You're welcome to pick up the bike(s) the evening before your rental starts (from 6 to 8 pm).