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Giro Donne: Women’s Cycling Tour



This women's cycling tour is much more than just riding, after all, so many things to do in Italy! QT is the name of the game! Yes, quality time in copious amounts. Look forward to picturesque riding, authentic Tuscan food, and mixing & mingling with locals. Why not even throw a pizza party to celebrate? And vino, can't forget the vino!

Mark this week as an event to inspire your riding and push you through those dull days. Bring your whole self, and we'll take you under our wing. This week is about filling you up and taking a break from busy schedules - running errands, kids, lists, appointments, deadlines, meetings… we get you, we’re women, too. Let us do what we know and love - cycling, Italy, and planning.

Only 10 available spots make for a cozy and enchanting trip!


  • high-end, modern Tuscan villa with private en-suite rooms
  • detailed itinerary & packing list
  • all group meals and drinks (except excess alcohol)
  • riding food
  • support vehicle
  • airport transfers from Pisa airport
  • two 30 minute sports massages
  • pro bike mechanic
  • laundry


  • your idea of a good ride requires group photos and selfies as proof
  • a "drama-free trip with new friends" sounds splendid
  • you love riding, and you're up for a challenge, but no need to exaggerate
  • you agree a smile can do a world of good


  • renewed energy and zest for life
  • inspiration and courage to go after things that matter most to you
  • we take care of you for once: your vacation should be carefree and relaxing
  • grow and expand your abilities with our team of experts


Min. 8 ladies needed for this trip


Lucca, Italy


There are no chance encounters, beauty's in the details, and we expand through our experiences.


444km total with 6,645m climbing
Arrival Day
26km, 300m climbing

Look to arrive in the morning at Pisa airport where your silver box chariot-van awaits. A quick meet and greet over lunch before we head out for short ride to set things set in motion.

1ᵒ Tappa, Pescia
126km, 1635m climbing

Today's Queen Stage is one of my favorites. Starting with a 15km warm-up in gruppo compatto fashion followed by a quick coffee in Pescia, we get straight to it. We ride through the Pistoiese Mountains then descend into the valley where we get lunch. It's a big day, but consider roughly 50km is all downhill!

2ᵒ Tappa, Piazza dei Miracoli
80km, 1070m climbing

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a must see. Let's take the opportunity of riding Monte Serra's hardest of three summit roads and breach the historical divide between Pisa and Lucca. We ride into Pisa via the Aqueduct, visit the Square of Miracles, photos, lunch then make our way back to Lucca on the outskirts of the Pisan mountains.

3ᵒ Tappa, Fibbiano
54km, 1050m climbing

Heading north and over our first "riser," Piazzano before the first official climb of the day, Fibbiano - 8km. From there we take in the views of the Mediterranean Sea on our descent. We take a quick espresso and then over to Stiava. Lunch en route, then a small climb up Balbano and it's time to kick your feet up.

4ᵒ Tappa, Lucca Centro
26km, 170m climbing

After the first three days effort, today's about relaxation. An easy morning coffee ride into Lucca followed by a guided city tour, aperitivo, and dinner. All things Lucca centro today!

5ᵒ Tappa, Fiano
56km, 1270m climbing

Fiano is a twisty, technical, sunny climb with views the entire way up. It's climbs like these that bring a depth of perspective, and a wider outlook on life. From there we descend, with a small riser before our espresso stop and make our way back through the rolling side roads.

6ᵒ Tappa, Montecarlo
76km, 1150m climbing

If I had to choose the most scenic ride I've been on, it would be this one. It brings us through the vineyards, olive groves and old stone houses where artisans practice their craft. It's mangia/beve(eat/drink: what the Italians call up/down) the whole way. Our destination is Montecarlo where I love taking my friends for lunch or coffee. Let's get lunch.

Departure Day
Airport drop-offs are scheduled for the morning even if I hope you won't want to leave. If you're continuing to another Italian destination, let us know, we're here to help.

n.b. we may tailor distances and elevation to the overall group level




Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to be too slow or too fast for the group?
Groups vary, and that's what makes them unique. We'll have two on the road guides and a support vehicle: it's our goal to keep you moving, and we'll regroup at different spots along the way. If you're on a strict "no stopping" training program, then this trip won't be for you. Most importantly, don't feel guilty for being the fastest or the slowest.

I'm not used to this much climbing, please advise!
You won't be alone! Italy is famous for its contours - that's what makes it stunningly beautiful. With the right gearing, anybody can get up the hills, including you! Our women’s cycling tour isn’t about smashing it up hills; consider the hills a metaphor of life and you’ll see how incredibly strong you really are.

Will I be too old or too young?
Ages range from early thirties to mid-sixties, but age is truly just a number. We're all looking for similar things: to learn, to grow, and to be accepted exactly as we are. If this trip resonates with you, likely you'll have more in common with the others than you may think.

What’s your cancellation policy?
For whatever reason, you can't come, cancel 60 days before the start of the trip for a refund minus a €250 administration fee, no questions asked. Or fully transfer your spot to a friend.

Which airport do I fly into?
Pisa airport is just 20km from Lucca where we'll pick you up. It's easily accessed from most large connecting airports but if you absolutely can’t fly to Pisa, Florence is 50 minutes away. The least cost effective option on an as per need basis is Bologna.
This is my first trip overseas, yikes!
You'll be leaving the comfort of your home for the comfort of ours! Rides, meals, transportation will all be taken care of. No worrying about being ripped off, getting lost, or trying to understand a foreign language. You're one of us, and we'll take care of you. And p.s. - go for it!

I have food intolerances, will I manage?
As long as you're open to Italian food, it won't be a problem. Many Italians are celiac, dairy-free and vegan. We'll ask ahead of the trip so we know about it.

Where will we be staying?
You'll be calling home for the week a modernly renovated, Tuscan villa surrounded by its own olive trees. It's 10 km from the centre, has a pool and outdoor seating areas to reflect, read, and relax. All rooms are lockable with en-suite bathrooms.

Should I bring my bike?
It's entirely up to you whether you bring your bike, we'll build it, maintain it, and box it while you're here. Otherwise, we have two types of bike rentals: ultegra mechanical and di2/eTap electronic shifting.

I don't usually go on bike tours, I plan my own trips.
Italy is magical no matter how you visit. We welcome you to go deeper than the surface; see the nuances and small quiet roads that are difficult to discover on a brief trip. My team and I live here, speak Italian and have years worth of stories and anecdotes to share. You'll meet new people and experience more than you might on your own or with a friend/partner. Take out the guess work of traffic, gravel roads, and “is it nice there, anyway?” Why spend your vacation researching?

Your Investment

Double Occupancy: €2,999 ~ Single Supplement: €299 ~ Deposit: €750

Bike rental, flights, and travel insurance are not included. Should your plans unexpectedly change, cancel for a refund 60 days before the start of your trip minus a €250 administration fee.