I'm Alison Testroete

Former professional cyclist and Canadian National Champion with 5 years of experience as a cycling guide organizing cycling vacations.


Born and raised in Canada, cycling has been a passageway to the most pivotal and important moments in my life. Through sport, I've found a sense of meaning and direction. Sport has been my home since I joined the cross-country running team in 5th grade.

I started mountain biking at 16 to explore the trails in my family's backyard. I began riding these trails thanks to another kid who saw my sweet new mountain bike that I used to get to school and back. This was my introduction to a lifelong passion. Fast forward to age 22, my first National Road Championship where I felt this understanding that cycling was going to play a prominent role in my life.

Racing came intuitively to me, and I was willing to suffer. In 2007 I raced my first US Pro Circuit, and through the National Team, I started racing in Europe. I was able to shine in a few important races and one thing led to the next. But it was when I found Lucca in 2010 through a teammate I felt a strong sense of belonging. In many ways, it was my love for Italy that set me up for the failure, heartbreak, and disappointment of my soon-to-be crumbling pro racing career. 

Lucca Cycling.jpg

As an athlete, I invested my whole self but the stress built up and I felt my worth was in direct correlation with my last result. I endured a series of hard losses - several training accidents and the tragic death of a beloved teammate. I became timid in races and I couldn't cope any longer with the pressure nor the underprioritized state of women's professional cycling.  Italy became my escape and a journey towards making sense of all this and re-thinking what I wanted life to be.

They say cycling is for people who think too much - and I'm probably one of those people. Pedalling is a sort of meditation, a path to personal peace. Through cycling, I've met my closest friends and the people I love the most. The essence of Lucca Cycling Club is facilitating meaningful encounters in a journey through Tuscany's winding roads. I'm dedicated to creating an experience that becomes an important part of your journey, too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. 

I hope to meet you soon!


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