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Tuscany Route Collection

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Lovely Lucca Hills

47 kilometers and 800 meters elevation gain

Should you accept our proposition, you’re in for a ride that passes ancient churches, rustic farm estates, charming olive groves and quaint vineyards.

Spectacular Views of Florence

50 kilometers and 1000 meters elevation gain

Starting and finishing from the northern side of Florence’s Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, you’ll pass through Fiesole, climb Monte Morello and pedal back through the Florentine burbs.

Super Scenic Siena

75 kilometers and 1500 meters elevation gain

From Siena’s Piazza del Campo, this counterclockwise loop covers the unmissable Crete Senesi and south Chianti via several uber-famous Eroica and Strade Bianche sectors.

Val d'Orcia Dreamscapes

65 kilometers and 1400 meters elevation gain

Departing from the Historic Centre of Pienza, this loop weaves through the farms, villages and landscape reflecting Renaissance agricultural prosperity.

"I will never forget the feelings during my cooldown around Lucca’s city wall."

- Jonas

"I'm so glad I rode Spectacular Views of Florence today."

- Jonathan

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