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Need more info or want to talk tactics?

We have both Ultegra mechanical and Di2/eTap electronic lines available. All prices are listed per day up to seven days. Out of respect for our clients, prices are consistent irrespective of your group size. For rentals eight days or more, write us for reduced rates.

Definitely not. We like you just the way you are. But, why not train up a little? Shoot for the stars and dazzle us on your upcoming trip to Italy. C'mon!

The roads in Italy are narrow and twisty, so you'll need to be in good health, feel competent riding a bike, maneuvering occasional traffic and riding with other cyclists.

If—for whatever reason—your training plans fall through the cracks, there are always eBikes. We don't judge. Really, we don't.

We get a range of abilities and ride requests—anywhere from 30 to 130 km with 600 to 2500 meters of climbing. If you're keen to join rides, let me know and I'll add it as an option. We'll just need a similar ride request and you'll be mixing and mingling in no time.

With enough confirmed interest, guided group rides (at a per person rate) are exactly what I have up my sleeve. Feel free to help spread the word!

For guided rides and bike rentals, write us as soon as your itinerary is confirmed. We'll hold your booking until payment is processed 14 days before you arrive. 

For bespoke trips, try to book as soon as reasonably possible. The best villas and hotels fill up first and fast. The later you book, the less likely we'll be able to deliver the fantastic experience you deserve. November to March, we’re planning and developing trips because the rest of the year, we're out on the roads.

Yes! Absolutely. Beyond the free info on my blog, discover how to live and ride like a local within seconds by purchasing my DIY Guide to Lucca. The investment divided by the number of people in your group pays itself off in spades.

Our experiences are all about maximizing time because we value your time as much as we do our own. We exist to make sure that every aspect of your ride or cycling vacation exceeds all expectations because life’s too short for sub-par anything.

Rather than competing on price, we're driven by quality. For that reason, I don't offer discounts of any kind. Your loyalty means the world to us, and in return, we're devoted to delivering the best value money can buy.

My guides and I are known to:

  • genuinely love people
  • be competent and skilled cyclists
  • have a depth of knowledge about the area, sports performance, and the Italian culture
  • give great local recommendations
  • be professional, honest and always on time
  • be detail-oriented
  • speak English and Italian
  • have engaging personalities
  • be generous, encouraging, and caring
  • have a passion for cycling

We specialize in personalized trips and rides.

When you purchase a guided ride, it's your ride. I’ll only ever merge groups with similar interests and abilities because a day out on the bike should be logistically sound and frustration-free.

Our group trips include a maximum of 12 riders, with one guide for every five guests plus a support vehicle.

Our prices include 22% IVA (sales tax in Italy).

Taxes in Italy are high. What’s in it for you? Good (if not newly paved) road surfaces, affordable/accessible train travel, and hundreds of years of preserved history, to name a few.

We know the area, we live the culture and we speak with the people. Our depth of local knowledge and experiences wouldn't be the same without living here.

I pay my team fairly.

Without you as the customer, I would have no business, and the same is true for my team. I believe a fairly-paid team is a motivated team, a motivated team is a happy team, and a happy team makes an impact. Like you, we’re here to leave a mark.

We love what we do and are proudly for profit.

We have a growth mindset and are obsessive about tweaking, tinkering and improving every aspect of what we offer.

After expenses and taxes, profit is the way we support ourselves, our loved ones and the experiences/causes/things we value most. Profit is also how we offer content and insider newsletters, 100% free. And hey, it takes two to tango. No skin in the game means no fun. So come along and dance with us?

Our clients agree it's well worth it.

You as the customer are the life force of my business. I couldn't be more proud of the experiences we share and the results we achieve together. It's why I take great pride in posting them on almost every page of my website.

I accept all major credit cards and bank wires (in USD, GPB, CAD, and AUD). is an SSL certified website (as indicated by the lock icon in your address bar). An SSL certificate provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection.

Purchasing our services with a credit card means your "Billing Information" (credit card number, expiration date, security codes, and similar information) is collected and processed by my third-party payment processor. I do not directly obtain or process any Billing Information.

Based in Lucca, Italy, we're proudly a virtual company except, of course, when bike riding is involved.

When you rent bikes from us, we'll send over all the info you need upon purchase, including a centrally-located pickup address. For guided rides, we'll arrange a meeting spot near you (within 20 km of Lucca).

We also have Guided Rides starting in Florence and Chianti hosted by Florentine guides. Drop me an email for more info.

Super! The best way to contact us is to write [email protected] Please include details like dates and bike rental sizes. We'll do our best to respond within 48 hours.

We're striving for tip-top customer care. If you haven't heard back from us, our response might have landed in a spam folder, or for some other reason we didn't get your message. Try either sending it again or calling us instead at (+39) 389 4949 054.

"Your newsletter always makes my day."

- Lucca CC Insider

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