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Bespoke Trip Design


Due to the amount of time allocated to the customization of each proposal, a non-refundable Bespoke Trip Design Fee is required to initiate your request, design your itinerary and secure the availability of hotels (or villa) for your group. Once your booking is confirmed, the design fee will be applied toward the balance due.

Because proposals are personalized just for you, design fees are non-refundable and will be applied toward the balance due.

Zero to Hero in Four Steps

step one: design fee

Pre-purchase the itinerary design for your upcoming bike trip.

step two: proposal

Leave it with me as I think through the trip logistics and secure bookings. You'll receive all my ideas and suggestions in a PDF document.

step three: book your trip

Requests tweaks or move forward with your proposed trip and secure your booking.

step four: ride high

Get out there and after it! 😅

A son and mother wearing sunglasses, helmets, and cycling clothing.

"It was a trip of a lifetime."

Alison is the best resource if you're looking to take a cycling trip to Lucca or anywhere in Tuscany. She knows the region like the back of her hand and can customize trips for anyone. We chose the bespoke self-guided option yet she was available regardless. She helped us figure out routes, hotels, dinners, and transportation, making our trip only about biking and food. It was a trip of a lifetime.

A few things that stood out about Alison's commitment to her clientele were her flexibility, availability, and passion. My son and I are very different bikers (he bikes 10,000 km/year, I do 4-5,000 km/year) yet she created routes that could challenge both of us while allowing us to enjoy ourselves. We had several issues occur during our trip (unrelated to her work with us) and she was more than willing and able to help. The trip was stress-free, thanks to her work and effort. The most stressful part of the trip was navigating out of Lucca for two directionally challenged individuals.

The routes she put together exceeded our expectations. The views were incredible, the climbs were challenging, and the hours of riding flew by. The highlight of our trip was easily the day we rode from Lucca to Pisa by climbing and descending Monte Serra. This was our first, but certainly not our last, trip to Lucca. The only thing we regret about this trip was not hiring Alison for a day (or two) for a few guided rides.

We highly recommend her services, whether it's getting a few routes from her self-guided selection or a fully bespoke trip with guided destination rides.

stephanie & klaus

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