5 Unique Restaurants in Lucca

I'm sure you've heard it all before. But we tend to like talking about some things over and over again. In Italy, if it's not style or coffee, then it's food. My friends and I collected our opinions and came up with five of our favourite restaurants in Lucca.

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Alison Testroete
Local Shenanigans Mingling with Movistar Pro

"Allora, ci vediamo verso le 10?"

"Si, ottimo!"

Gosia's Italian is better than her English, and my Polish is non-existent, so we speak second-grade Italian and understand each other 95% of the time. We call her Gosia. She knows that pronouncing Małgorzata is a big ask for most people. Today she's got 5 hours of hard training on deck. The Women's World Tour Strade Bianche is her first race this year, and I have the Grandfondo Strade Bianche. 

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