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Indoor Cycling Playlist for Zwift Sessions

Pulled straight from the archives is an indoor cycling playlist or mix set — ideal for Zwift sessions. If these tunes can make a National Champion, surely they can up the ante on your indoor cycling sessions.

Why I Started Cycling

Sixteen is the ripe old age I started cycling which is twice the age most Italians start and (I'm guessing) less than half the age you did. No matter how old we are or when we started, we're all on a quest for…

The Past and the Present

Stories from the road: training ride with former 2010 teammate, Gosia. She’s going for the pro Strade Bianche, and me the Gran Fondo.

Why Losing Doesn’t Always Suck

We say sport is all about winning, and it is, but it’s about a lot more, too. Here’s a perspective as former professional athlete.