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Bespoke travel lets you weave your passions into a uniquely shared, made-to-measure experience. Come deeper into our Italian world, and let us help you tell a richly inspiring travel story. Will it be a villa in Lucca, a bike tour through the regions of Italy or a private self-guided adventure? We'd be honored to pave the way for you.

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villa and two cypress trees

Villa Trip

Ultra-flexible trips with hand-selected, cycling-friendly villas to accommodate all groups and budgets.


Bike Tour

Fully supported, customized point-to-point journeys showcasing our personally researched and vetted Italy.

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Self Guided

Non-accompanied itineraries with support available on the periphery at all times.

Italia Has Something Special for You

When there's little, if any, of the world left to map, the treasure lies in uncovering uniquely focused ways to experience it. We know we've done our job successfully when we hit these core metrics:

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Joy is one of the most underrated assets in life. Make space for it within yourself and you'll soar.

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Lasting memories are often intentionally cultivated through great planning, local knowledge and exceptional people.


Beauty has the power to uplift and inspire — its presence keeps you striving for the truest, highest expression of yourself.

The Perks of Rolling with Us


Genuine Care

We believe in a future that’s human-centered. We design, collaborate and finesse to bring together — and bring out the best in — people, cultures and places.


Local Knowledge

Thanks to living and riding in the Bel Paese, we've proudly amassed an obsessively curated database of routes, restaurants, experiences and hotels across Tuscany.


Family in Italy

There are a number of big, well-financed travel companies operating from abroad, but that's not us — we're family. We'll know you by name, not by reservation number.



We raise the bar at every turn because it really is about the little things. As cycling creatives, we take pride in sweating the details.



We have the deep connections and years of insight needed to make unique experiences happen across Italy.



It all comes down to planning, experience, connections and guides. Roll with us and be surrounded by a team of A-players.

When Time is Your Biggest Luxury

Mapping out hundreds of kilometers of riding, seeking out memorable experiences and delivering an entire trip relies on extensive local knowledge, years of experience, sound logistics and a great deal of time. We exist because we know you can't afford to get it wrong.

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Because each inquiry is unique and we only work with a handful of bespoke groups per year, we'd love to get to know you first. Please fill out the form below and include as much detail as possible. Your request will be read and responded to within two or three business days. Now booking 2025.

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Bespoke Trip Design Fee
Due to the amount of time allocated to the customization of each proposal, a non-refundable Bespoke Trip Design Fee is required to initiate your request, design your itinerary and secure the availability of hotels (or villa) for your group. By scheduling a call, you agree and understand that you will be quoted a design fee based on the intricacies of your trip. Once the booking is confirmed, this design fee will be applied toward the balance due.

Your personal data will be used to process your inquiry, support your experience throughout this website and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

A son and mother wearing sunglasses, helmets, and cycling clothing.

"It was a trip of a lifetime."

Alison is the best resource if you're looking to take a cycling trip to Lucca or anywhere in Tuscany. She knows the region like the back of her hand and can customize trips for anyone. We chose the bespoke self-guided option yet she was available regardless. She helped us figure out routes, hotels, dinners, and transportation, making our trip only about biking and food. It was a trip of a lifetime.

A few things that stood out about Alison's commitment to her clientele were her flexibility, availability, and passion. My son and I are very different bikers (he bikes 10,000 km/year, I do 4-5,000 km/year) yet she created routes that could challenge both of us while allowing us to enjoy ourselves. We had several issues occur during our trip (unrelated to her work with us) and she was more than willing and able to help. The trip was stress-free, thanks to her work and effort. The most stressful part of the trip was navigating out of Lucca for two directionally challenged individuals.

The routes she put together exceeded our expectations. The views were incredible, the climbs were challenging, and the hours of riding flew by. The highlight of our trip was easily the day we rode from Lucca to Pisa by climbing and descending Monte Serra. This was our first, but certainly not our last, trip to Lucca. The only thing we regret about this trip was not hiring Alison for a day (or two) for a few guided rides.

We highly recommend her services, whether it's getting a few routes from her self-guided selection or a fully bespoke trip with guided destination rides.

stephanie & klaus

Boston, United States

Five standing men wearing cycling clothes.

"Never go back — that's what they say, keep the memories and move on... but we did."

Alison had guided two discreet rides for us last year and we had loved it. But surely then time to go back to Mallorca, seek out the Dolomites, rediscover the longer climbs of the Alps? But we were hooked. The food and the beauty of Tuscany and the everything sorted philosophy of Alison. So we agreed with her a Lucca, Florence, Siena, Lucca circular route, persuaded other friends to join in the fun and got on our bikes. We were not disappointed. It was a trip that needed logistics to be spot on, and everything was. By the end Alison was even understanding our very English humour.

Highlights were the amazing pasta stops that kept us fueled and Alison's quiet determination to keep us safe and moving. Tuscany was the winner.

phil sanderson

London, United Kingdom

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