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Guided Destination Ride


The Great Quest. Hero’s Journey. An epic expedition of Odysseus.

Then there’s every cyclists' pursuit of the perfect ride. That search ends right here. Take your pick from the following three odysseys (or complete the trilogy for special prizes). Yet be warned: Preparation is your ally.

You’ve received the call to adventure. You could go it alone, but you need a firm grasp of reason, a sure path back home, and an indispensable enabler to making the most of life.

Allow me to gladly fill that role.

Lucca to Siena 1 - 5 Starting at €995
Lucca to Bologna 1 - 5 Starting at €1295
Lucca to Florence 1 - 5 Starting at €995

Prices exclude travel insurance and bike rentals. We provide bars, gels and a private Mercedes shuttle back to Lucca.

If you need to cancel, we refund 50% of the booking value up to 14 days before the ride date. Should you cancel within 14 days of the ride date, the entire booking will be non-refundable.

Please take a few minutes to review our cancellation policies and strong recommendation for travel insurance by clicking here.

For answers to your top questions and to contact me, click here.

Spend €750 on Guided Rides and request a complimentary Region & Ride Guide.

Guided Destination Ride

Tell me about you or your group below (rather than separately over email). Include ride date(s), names, average annual mileage and if you'd like to stop for lunch.
This info helps me arrange a meeting point convenient for you.
I'll let you know if a similar ride request comes in. If you accept, you'll pay the per person rate and I'll refund the difference to your credit card.

Peak season Guided Rides fill months in advance. Please check the availability of your desired dates before booking.

I take my job as Top Guide to heart, and my clients agree it's well worth it.

Cycling Tips

She became my first cycling coach when I turned professional and has continued to guide, encourage, and challenge me throughout my career.


As a #newbie, it was an absolute privilege to take on cycling in the Italian country side with Alison.

Guided Tour

Is Alison a guide or a coach? Hard to say — I honestly think we got 2 for 1!

Guided Tour

My guided ride with Alison in the hills around Lucca was the most fun I've ever had on a bike!

Training Partner

I practically got a training camp and a guided tour!


Alison’s love of cycling and Italy is truly inspiring for both the somewhat new to cycling and the lifetime aficionado.

Cycling Tips

I had an amazing ride!

Training Partner

It was a perfect day.

Tour Guide

Riding with Alison is a gift.


I had never ridden on a road bike before, but Alison was an incredible coach providing me with the best tips and tricks and within the first few kilometers, I felt very comfortable and confident on the road.

Guided Tour

She immediately put my fears to rest and led me through parts of the landscape that I would have surely missed left to my own resources.

Lucca to Siena

At the risk of hyperbole, riding from Lucca to Siena is a transcendent experience.

Guided Tour

It was worth every penny.

Guided Tour

After our last trip, I was so inspired by her that I took up cycling and have been training every day since.