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Guided Ride With Alison


Are you coming to Lucca and want to go for an unforgettable bike ride… or two, or three or four… but you don’t know where you’re going?

Just ride with me — I’m your dedicated domestique. Your trusty teammate. Your guiding light.

Guided Ride With Alison

Tell me about you or your group below (rather than separately over email). Include ride date(s), names, average annual mileage and if you'd like to stop for lunch.
This info helps me arrange a meeting point convenient for you.
I'll let you know if a similar ride request comes in. If you accept, you'll pay the per person rate and I'll refund the difference to your credit card.

Let the Good Times Roll

Consider me as your training partner, tour guide, or coach. Pop in your details (via the "Add to Basket" form) and I'll take care of the rest.

Up for a challenge? Keen on rolling hills, glorious views, and cappuccinos to your heart's content? Maybe a selfie with the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Count me in.

There is no rider too slow, too fast, or too old. I'm here to make your ride in Tuscany the highlight of your vacation.

Hit the Ground Riding

Step One: Register Interest

Contact me here with your ride aspirations, desired dates and, if required, your bike rental sizes.

Step Two: Guarantee Your Ride/s

Guarantee availability by purchasing rides and bike rentals once your plans are confirmed.

Step Three: Anticipate SMS Details

You'll receive a message via iMessage, WhatsApp, or email with all ride details the day before.

Step Four: Ride High

Let's get out there and after it! 😅

Nice is Good and Excellent is Better

The clock is ticking and each day we only get older and we simply don't have time for average. My rides aren't cheap, but they're more than worth it. So much so I train year-round for them.

No. Half-day Full-day
1 person €295 €495
2 people €158 €258
3 people €112 €178
4 people €89 €139
5 people €75 €115

Prices exclude travel insurance, bike rentals, and lunch stops. Bars, gels and coffee/gelato stops are included. Half-days are 3.5 hours and full days are 6.5.

Book with Confidence

If you need to cancel, we refund 50% of the booking value up to 14 days before the ride date. Should you cancel within 14 days of the ride date, the entire booking will be non-refundable.

Please take a few minutes to review our cancellation policies and strong recommendation for travel insurance by clicking here.

Biking with Benefits

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I take my job as Top Guide to heart, and my clients agree it's well worth it.

Cycling Tips

She became my first cycling coach when I turned professional and has continued to guide, encourage, and challenge me throughout my career.

alison jackson, oly

Vermilion, Canada


As a #newbie, it was an absolute privilege to take on cycling in the Italian countryside with Alison.

josh goldstein

Los Angeles, USA

Guided Tour

Is Alison a guide or a coach? Hard to say — I honestly think we got 2 for 1!

alex pagnotta

Montreal, Canada

Guided Tour

My guided ride with Alison in the hills around Lucca was the most fun I've ever had on a bike!

jeremiah benge

Pittsburgh, USA

Training Partner

I practically got a training camp and a guided tour!

andriy derevyanko

Kyiv, Ukraine


Alison's love of cycling and Italy is truly inspiring for both the somewhat new to cycling and the lifetime aficionado.

annie & matt

Texas, USA

Cycling Tips

I had an amazing ride!

bonnie leung

Vancouver, Canada

Training Partner

It was a perfect day.

jared spier

Winnipeg, Canada

Tour Guide

Riding with Alison is a gift.

chet scott

Ohio, USA


I had never ridden on a road bike before, but Alison was an incredible coach providing me with the best tips and tricks and within the first few kilometers, I felt very comfortable and confident on the road.

jess liu

New York, USA

Guided Tour

She immediately put my fears to rest and led me through parts of the landscape that I would have surely missed left to my own resources.

steve chase

Carbondale, USA

Lucca to Siena

At the risk of hyperbole, riding from Lucca to Siena is a transcendent experience.

chris bail

Chapel Hill, USA

Guided Tour

It was worth every penny.

victoria stokes

United Kingdom

Guided Tour

After our last trip, I was so inspired by her that I took up cycling and have been training every day since.


Montreal, Quebec

Guided Tour

I didn't expect to find an ex-national champion to ride with who'd tow me along at 40km/h one minute and the next ride side by side talking about Lucchese lifestyle, setting up a business, sports psychology and life as a pro-rider.

simon hunt

London, United Kingdom

Training Partner

It was my first time in Tuscany, and I wanted to see all the beautiful scenery around as well as having some good training days.


Oslo, Norway


After getting home, I found myself shopping for — and buying — a new road bike.


Pittsburgh, USA

Guided Tour

Humbled, appreciative, and unforgettable cycling in Lucca/Tuscany.

bob levin

Los Angeles, USA

Guided Tour

The decision to ride your bike through the hills of Tuscany is easy, but it can go downhill quickly if you're not with the right guide. Alison is that right guide!

lorenzo grigio

Boulder, Colorado

Cycling Tips

After riding with Alison, I learned the technique to descend in control, take my time on the corners, and ride with confidence.

karen paterson

Uxbridge, Canada

Guided Tour

Alison designed rides that were perfect for our ability — I'm 71 and my wife is 70.

bob & lisa

Mill Valley, California

Guided Tour

With gratitude for the uncommon experience of cycling Lucca.

dan & friends

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Guided Tour

I could never have had "this experience" on my own without an amazing guide.

brady wilson

Guelph, Ontario

Lucca to Siena

Alison's Destination Ride from Lucca to Siena should be on every cyclist's bucket list.

david vernon

Kigali, Rwanda

Guided Tour

We will always remember this trip and be grateful to the kind souls we met along the way.


Alabama, USA

Guided Tour

It's been a dream come true to ride here.

gord & cindy

Langley, British Columbia

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