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Are you coming to Lucca (or Florence) and want to go for an unforgettable bike ride... or two, or three or four... but you don't know where you're going?

Just ride with me — I live here and know these roads like the back of my hand.

From designing the perfect route to meeting you where you're staying, come discover the best of Tuscany under the care and guidance of a professional.

Consider me as your training partner, tour guide, or coach. Pop in your details (via add to bag form) and I'll take care of the rest.

Up for a challenge? Keen on rolling hills, glorious views, and cappuccinos to your heart's content? Maybe a selfie with the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Count me in.

There is no rider too slow, too fast, or too old. I'm here to let the good times roll.

To step it up a notch and put some real skin in the game, Siena is your destination. I'm your dedicated domestique. Your trusty teammate. Your guiding light.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that nobody's going to live your dreams for you. For more info about this 150 km point-to-point ride from Lucca to Siena, click here.

1 person €260 €440
2 people €140 each €230 each
3 people €100 each €160 each
4 people €80 each €125 each
5 people €70 each €105 each
Lucca — Siena - €1000

Prices exclude travel insurance, bike rentals, and lunch stops. Bars, gels and tips included. We provide a private shuttle back to Lucca for Lucca to Siena Tuscany Immersion rides.

If you need to cancel, we refund 50% of the booking value up to 14 days before the ride date. Should you cancel within 14 days of the ride date, the entire booking will be non-refundable.

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Guided Ride With Alison

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We take our job as Top Guide to heart, and our clients agree it's well worth it:

Tour Guide

Where could I soak up the sun as I sit in a piazza for an espresso and also challenge myself on mountain climbs with beautiful ocean vista descents?

I didn't expect to find an ex-national champion to ride with who'd tow me along at 40km/h one minute and the next ride side by side talking about Lucchese lifestyle, setting up a business, sports psychology and life as a pro-rider. Alison and her team member, Enzo took care of all the organization and created a memorable experience: a quality rental bike, exciting and challenging routes, obligatory espresso stops and great company!

They took great trouble to find out what kinds of rides I wanted to do with routes away from traffic including climbing challenges of Monte Serra and Pizzorne. Enzo's bike skills are matched by his love of photography, and as a bonus, I got to practice my Italian with him. Although a couple of words give a clue to Alison's Canadian heritage, she's certainly greeted and treated like a local!

Ci rivediamo presto

Simon Hunt

London, United Kingdom
Chet Review

Riding with Alison is a gift.

She is a pro who can ride you into the pavement if you prefer. She is a friend who is comfortable to ride tempo beside you and talk about Joseph Campbell and the meaning of it all. We rode together for only two days. I know Lucca like a good friend - Alison too.

Chet Scott

Ohio, USA

Cycling with Ali was one of the best experiences we had during our holiday in Tuscany.

She was just so helpful from beginning to end, from booking the hire bikes to finding the best route for my husband and me. Our capabilities are very different, but Ali managed to find a ride that was perfect for both of us with amazing cafe and restaurant stops along the way. The whole day was so relaxed, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone of any ability. I had booked this in for my husband's birthday as a surprise and it was worth every penny - we still talk about it now because we enjoyed it so much! Thank you so much once again, Ali!

Victoria Stokes

United Kingdom

Both Lucca and Alison are gems that I will look forward to revisiting in the future.

Over our years of visiting many parts of Italy, often by bicycle, we were overwhelmed by our time in Lucca. The city is often overshadowed by the "big names" — Rome, Florence and Venice, but after our week enjoying this unique city and the nearby attractions of Pisa, Cinque Terre and the wonderful villages in the mountains and forests of the Garfagnana to the north, we will not be distracted again. We will return!

The icing on the cake for me was my guided ride through the countryside surrounding Lucca by Alison Testroete, the former Canadian National Champion and the principal of the Lucca Cycling Club. At my age, I was a bit intimidated by signing on with Alison for a ride, but she immediately put my fears to rest and led me through parts of the landscape that I would have surely missed left to my own resources.

Steve Chase

Carbondale, USA

As a #newbie, it was an absolute privilege to take on cycling in the Italian country side with Alison and Lucca Cycling Club.

Just think about it. A sleek Ferrari red road bike arrives at your apartment or hotel, and Alison is outside the next morning to take you on the Chianti Classico, Fiesole and Monte Morello or Consuma and Vallombrosa, depending on the time of year, weather, and what you are looking for.

But first, she will make sure you are dialed in your kit, which in my case included a trip to the local bike shop to switch out cleats. You will learn more from three days riding with Alison than you would from months or years riding on your own. From technique and positioning to routes, destinations, gear, and (critically) cycling fashion, Alison delivers at the highest level. If you are like me, you want to learn from the best, so what are you waiting for?

Josh Goldstein

Los Angeles, USA

Riding with Alison through Lucca Cycling Club is an absolute must if you want to see the most beautiful parts of Tuscany and learn the thrill of road cycling.

Though I had taken indoor cycling classes prior to the trip, I had never ridden on a road bike before, but Alison was an incredible coach providing me with the best tips and tricks and within the first few kilometers, I felt very comfortable and confident on the road.

Though I had only planned on one solo ride at first, after our first session, I was totally hooked and signed up for another ride as well as a group ride with my whole family. Alison not only showed me the breathtakingly picturesque backroads of Tuscany, but also how exhilarating a challenging ride of 50+ km with tough climbs can be. Alison couldn’t have been a better, more encouraging coach, challenging me in the best way possible and coaching me through any issues I was having.

I had visited Italy a few times before, but this was undoubtedly the most memorable experience I’ve had and a trip I will remember for a lifetime. As a newly converted cyclist, I hope to visit again and ride with Alison, but next time as an even more advanced rider!

Jess Liu

New York, USA

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Training Partner

It was my first time in Tuscany, and I wanted to see all the beautiful scenery around as well as having some good training days.

I have been doing some long and hard days on the bike all alone, both in other areas of Italy and Spain. It can be tough to get a good experience when you approach small and unknown places. I have struggled a lot with language barries, finding good places to eat, and also broken directions from locals who don't speak English. That is a showstopper for what could be a nice day on the bike.

None of the above was any problem riding three days with Alison. She knew all the perfect roads, local restaurants, and ice cream bars. I always felt very well taken care of and could fully enjoy three incredible days without any concerns. She's also an easy-going and kind person. Even if we had not met before, I felt from the first second that she was very welcoming, and the conversation went easily, too.

I highly recommend Alison and her guiding service, no matter what level you are on, or what you want out of it. You will not regret it!

Patrik Molberg

Oslo, Norway
Adriy Review

I practically got a training camp and a guided tour!

I strategically positioned to spend my family summer holiday around Lucca before my first ever Ironman 70.3 bringing a great chance to strengthen my climbing skills. Four days riding 1200-1800m of daily elevation were an excellent challenge for my body and mind. But I got one crucial thing: confidence that I'm able to make my most important climb this season.

I would also like to highlight how seriously Alison took my requirements. She asked to share my Ironman course, then crafted our training routes accordingly. I was very impressed on our first day to see the route which almost completely repeated the profile of my future race. Last but not least, Alison knows the best gelato shop in the region. I took a 15-minute detour to show that place to my friends and family. It was simply delicious!

Andriy Derevyanko

Kyiv, Ukraine

It was a perfect day.

I tasked Alison with designing a ride to Siena, coming into the piazza using the finish from the Eroica Pro race. It was an experience that was important to me, as it represented a really precious memory with someone I loved and lost.

Alison designed a route for us that started and finished in Volterra, featured a bit of strade bianche on the way and took us through beautiful countryside and climbs... but it was the route into town that was the highlight. Not only did she find a quiet way to get right onto the final roads, but as we rode those last WVA-killing, 15-20% pitches, she had the strength to pull out her phone and capture images and video of the ride - and we weren't going slow.

Even beyond the route, and the gelato (also very good), the most impressive part of the day was riding with someone who gave me the time to take it all in and had the empathy to understand when I needed an extra moment to reflect on things.

That ride couldn't have achieved all it did without a guide as special as Alison.

Jared Spier

Winnipeg, Canada

I had an amazing ride with Alison!

I made a spur of the moment decision to go cycling alone while on a trip with girlfriends. I have not ridden outside of Canada, so I wanted some guidance and along came Alison. She was very responsive to my questions before signing up. I didn't have any expectations in terms of where to cycle other than some mountains with a view. I met up with her in Lucca and we went on a 125km ride around the local mountains, stopping for some coffee and amazing pizza on the way. She showed me some amazing views of the region and provided some history about where we were. She even gave me some cycling tips to improve on my techniques. I couldn't have asked for a better guide. I would definitely ride with her again.

Bonnie Leung

Vancouver, Canada

My husband and I had a fabulous experience riding with Alison.

I have experience in Masters racing and had trained hard all winter to prepare for our cycling trip to Northern Italy but did not have experience in descending long mountain passes. We arrived one week before the cycling trip was to start to visit Lucca and explore the area by bike. I reached out to Alison to plan a guided ride and asked if she could coach me on descending.

Alison planned the perfect route that was scenic and provided lots of opportunities to coach me on the descents. After riding with Alison, I learned the technique to descend in control, take my time on the corners, and ride with confidence. With each descent I completed later in my cycling trip, I was able to gain more confidence, relax, and enjoy the view on the way down the beautiful mountain valleys! Thank you, Alison!!

Karen Paterson

Uxbridge, Canada
Alex Review

Cycling in Toscana is something that every cyclist dreams of.

I recently organized a trip there for my daughter and me, and my biggest issue was safety and would Emily be able to handle it. Hooking up with Alison was the best thing I could’ve done. Is Alison a guide or a coach, hard to say- I honestly think we got 2 for 1! Every day Alison showed up with rides that were both safe and suitable for a 15-year-old girl, whom upon her return decided to join a local cycling team.

For me, born in Italy and brought to North America before I could see the beauty of Italy, riding with Alison, was the best sightseeing tour ever. My biggest regret I only stayed a week, but a week spent with a wonderful person that shared her passion for cycling with us.

Alex Pagnotta

Montreal, Canada

At the risk of hyperbole, riding from Lucca to Siena is a transcendent experience. Cycling through the ancient walls of Lucca and the surrounding farmland to climb into the misty hills of Tuscany is simply awe-inspiring. Soon your heart will be pumping on the climb to Volterra before you fly through descents, gravel, and flats into the final climb… this ride has it all.

Chris Bail

Chapel Hill, USA