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Bespoke Routes & Itinerary

Stop the madness of riding tourist routes and reap the rewards of an obsessively curated database that spans a decade.

By planning your trip directly with me, you’ll get a personalized route library and a step-by-step itinerary — to use anytime on your schedule.

Combine countless hours of riding, the wisdom of running a travel company, English speaking support and you get a winning itinerary. Use it to travel solo, as a couple, or with friends.

Here’s how it works: I provide the expert advice, and you make all the bookings yourself. If anything comes up, we have your back.

Delivered digitally and viewed on your laptop, tablet, and Ride with GPS mobile app, you'll get:

  • A personalized cycling route library including points of interest and ideas for lunch, coffee, and gelato stops
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation using the Ride with GPS mobile app
  • Pre-recorded screen-share videos introducing the routing and key attractions along the way
  • A written, step-by-step itinerary, complete with recommendations for hotels at various price points, restaurants, luggage transfer services*, bike rental services, logistics, day tours, events and a ton of other things you shouldn’t miss
  • A one-hour planning session for itineraries valued over €750
  • Responsive email support

Don't see what you're looking for? Ask away and I'll let you know if we can make it happen.

*Via Francigena routing only. We consider point-to-point journeys with luggage transfer Tuscany Bespoke trips.

Road Routing €0.85/km
Gravel Routing €1.00/km
Places to Stay €100/location
Places to Eat + Things to Do €100/location
Call/Text Support with Alison €595/week
Decide Your Destination 30 Min Call €95

Note: Minimum spend for Bespoke Routes & Itineraries is €400.

These routes and itineraries are personalized just for you. All sales are final. Please keep in mind that revision requests must be made within fourteen days of the date you receive your itinerary.

For answers to your top questions and to contact us, click here.

Let's not be modest. Your dream trip is our victory.

DIY Guide to Lucca

Alison's guide takes out all the guesswork and has shown me roads I never knew existed.

Bespoke Routes & Itinerary

Thanks to her thousands of hours riding through a spider's web of roads in all of Tuscany, we discovered gems I would have never found on my own.

DIY Guide to Lucca

We planned our bike rentals, lodging, food, and 10 days of riding using only this guide... saved us countless hours of research.

Bespoke Routes & Itinerary

I couldn’t imagine cycling in Tuscany without engaging her as an advisor or guide.

DIY Guide to Lucca

What a great, economical way for a newcomer to learn the roads in the area — every biking region needs a well-thought-out and researched guide!

DIY Guide to Lucca

The booklet offers a great selection of routes, catering to different fitness levels, cycling objectives and available time at hand.

DIY Guide to Lucca

To say it was worth it would be an understatement.

Bespoke Routes & Itinerary

Alison made me see “my” Tuscany with a foreigner’s eyes.

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